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The Communication Grid by Betteke van Ruler

The communication grid - Betteke van Ruler

The Communication Grid by Betteke van Ruler identifies four strategies of public relations practice: information, persuasion, consensus-building and dialogue. These four strategies constitute the tool-kit of public relations. Anyone who manages an organisation’s communications can use individual strategies to resolve specific communication problems. The Communication Grid The grid has four . . . Read more

Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff matrix

The Ansoff Matrix is a strategic planning tool that was first presented in an article by Igor Ansoff in 1957. It offers a framework to help managers and marketers devise strategies for future growth and diversification. Ansoff describes four growth strategies. Marketing penetration A growth strategy based on market penetration . . . Read more

The theory of planned behavior

Planned behavior

The theory of planned behavior was developed by Fishbein and Ajzen in 1985. The model indicates that behavior can best be explained by the intention a person has to actually conduct it. The theory helps with determining a strategy to change unwanted behavior. In the theory of planned behavior, intention . . . Read more

Six C’s of Communication

Six C's

A well-crafted message is an integral part of any communication plan. The key message should be short and simple. But the old KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) is no longer sufficient. The six C’s indicate the criteria for the core message that is picked up in the media and . . . Read more