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Corporate Identity Mix

Corporate Identity Mix

The corporate identity mix of Birkigt and Stadler shows the relationship between who we are (identity) and how we appear (image). The model shows that the image is a reflection of the identity.

Corporate identity mix

Corporate identity is the tangible manifestation of the personality of the organization. It is the identity that reflects the reality of the company’s personality and projects. Image and identity can be described by reference to values as quality, innovation, honesty, etc. Or by using associations as modern lifestyle. This classic model is used in image surveys. It indicates where the gap between aspects of identity and image is the greatest and which aspects are consistent.

The core of the model is the personality of the organization. Around it are three elements: behaviour, communication and symbolism. The element behaviour is generally dominant in the image.


Personality is the way the organization acts. Personality describes mission, achievements in the past, general objectives, culture and structure.


Behaviour includes strategy, products and services, price, core values, staff conduct, management styles and ethics. According to Birkigt and Stadler this is the most important and effective corporate identity tool. An organization is primarily judged based on behaviour.


Symbolism is described in terms of corporate identity, logo, language, clothing, art, exterior and interior of the building. Symbolism is the most visible component of the corporate identity mix.


Communication describes the messages and style in formal and informal contacts with customers, employees, press, politicians and interest groups. Communication is the most flexible component of the corporate identity mix.

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