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The Natural Planning Model

Natural Planning Model

The Natural Planning Model is a five stage planning process by best-selling author David Allen. It is an informal approach to project planning which can be used of projects of any size and type. The Natural Planning Model According to David Allen, regardless of task size, the human brain works . . . Read more

Jenning’s 70:20:10 Framework

70:20:10 Framework

The 70:20:10 Framework is a learning and development model by the Australian engineer Charles Jennings. The model explains the relationship between three types of learning: experimental learning, social learning and formal learning. The numbers in the framework are a reminder that the majority of learning is by experiencing and exposure. The . . . Read more

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs


Maslow’s pyramid was published by Abraham Maslow in 1943. It is a hierarchical ordering of needs. According to this theory, humans only seek to satisfy the needs that are placed higher in the hierarchy after the lower-levels are satisfied. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is as follows. 1. Physiological needs Keeping . . . Read more

The theory of planned behavior

Planned behavior

The theory of planned behavior was developed by Fishbein and Ajzen in 1985. The model indicates that behavior can best be explained by the intention a person has to actually conduct it. The theory helps with determining a strategy to change unwanted behavior. In the theory of planned behavior, intention . . . Read more